Brainwash: a stream of illogical, reproachful speech word constructions coming from a woman at a completely, in the opinion of a man, random time, scandals, tantrums, screams, threats, going to her mother – these are just facets of the same process. The man did not touch anyone. He came home from work tired and away we go “We need to talk”, and then “you’re not sensitive, what’s with your woman ?, you don’t love me, you’re not like that, not that, but Masha’s …”. The man sincerely does not understand what he did? Works? Yes. Does it bring money?

Yes. Well?

Washes dishes sometimes – yes. Cleans the house sometimes – yes! What is the problem then?? Why is she blowing my mind? And there is only one reason for the withdrawals. There have never been others, never have been and never will be: The woman is dissatisfied (an internal conflict of the form “as it should be – as it is”).

The selfishness and self-centeredness of a woman make her look for someone to blame for her dissatisfaction. She will never see the truly guilty – herself. She will not agree to this, because she will have to urgently face a global choice (which a woman also cannot stand): either leave or accept and look for jambs in herself, and here and there the egoism of a woman will not make it so easy to make such a “humiliating” choice. From here, it is much easier to cover up the unwillingness to realize the responsibility for your dissatisfaction with any nonsense like:

“I fell out of love”,

“I lost respect for a man”,

“I was disappointed in the relationship, that the prince was never a prince, that he“ deceived her ”,

“ He looked gorgeous in her eyes when the whole wrapper flew around – yes he is just like everyone else!” Further, there are only two ways of developing the situation: Optimistic, but rare and very difficult for a female being. A woman is quite reasonable and wise, she will give up her illusions and will live a real life, answering for her fantasies herself, and not attracting a man to this. As a rule, a woman in such pairs can not stand the brain at all. And why, because there are no outsiders to blame, but to endure the brain for yourself is somehow strange. Pessimistic, but 95% do just that. A woman remains in her illusions, which are stronger than the real world and real people. It is these women who – cheat, vask, break up marriages, become overgrown with children, alimony slaves, faced with reality – squabble, become feminists,

“Sick Monsters” (C), moreover, the further the persistent repulsion of the idea progresses, that in their jambs and worldview distortions It is not the man who is to blame, but the woman herself – the worse and worse the woman lives. What is a man to do? – Do not pay attention to the categories of “bad” and “good” that you are awarded. There are no bad deeds or good deeds, it’s just a woman’s attitude to your deeds, her approval or disapproval. Chasing positive labels and avoiding negative ones, you begin to forget about yourself, and remember only the one that requires compliance with your Wishlist. Remember: you need to do it not for the sake of shortcuts, but for the sake of your sincere desire. Such a turn in your worldview will drive parasites away from you. You are not responsible for other people’s desires. Tell your woman about it. If she wants something from you, then you either want to do it or you don’t. If she is not satisfied with such a setting of the topic, she is free to leave, or let her stop brainwashing you. Stop feeding her selfishness.

You will see almost physically suffering and seizures, she will yell, stomp her feet, squeal, threaten suicide, leave – this is a breakdown of her vision of life. Either she will break down and get to something, or, unable to withstand the duel of reality with her “ideals”, she will leave. And you will be a “kazl” (it’s good that it’s not a ram), you will receive all possible insults against yourself, But, as they say, “a dog barks – the wind carries it.” -Seeing that a woman begins to bear a blizzard in which discontent is felt, immediately stop these topics, do not give them development, do not go over to emotions and personalities, never offend a woman. Say “I don’t participate in scandals”, repeat aloud like a mantra with her, don’t get in, no matter how much you want to, control yourself. A very subtle moment, a woman is really looking forward to insults, so that later you can remember and obey them, at the same time, none of your insults will ever reach her, so why give her extra trumps in her hands? It is impossible to prove something to a woman, besides, a woman does not scandalize in order to argue with you, in 95% of cases she knows that it is useless and she is wrong, therefore, any scandal is a deceptive maneuver, “To do this, to do what I want.”

As a result, having softened you enough, the woman again begins to control you through the labels “bad”, “good”, and you again feed her egoism, again destroying your life (and, paradoxically, hers, because as long as she sees the guilty around, she does not develops on its own). And most importantly: You are not to blame for anything. Forget the word “guilt” in relation to relationships. No one gave a woman the right to be a prosecutor, and you an accused. Otherwise – start blaming the woman, but it will be apparently more difficult for you to do this. Not even because they shouldn’t. This is your marker. If a woman has nothing to….


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